Few Facts about Author Andrew P. Guzaldo
Writer Andrew P Guzaldo has been instilled what the meaning is for immigrants to come to this Great America, however inn this case it’s his Italian ancestry, mainly from Palermo and Rome.
  He gives most of his success to those relatives’ Uncles that BRAVELY fought in WW2 in defense of our Nation America. Of course women the Aunts and Cousins that broadened the stories and struggles of coming to America. 
 It was actually here that his stories began in the Loyal Disorder 1. Read and enjoy the inlays of poetry throughout that are quite significant in the eyes of those brave and enchanting immigrants my Italian Family!

Italian / American
President & CEO of 
G&A Amusements & ACES International

Published Author of The Loyal Disorder I & II
Editor-in-chief at Conservative Daily
Editor/CEO at Amici Journal Italian American Celebrity Magazine
President/CEO, Analytic Technology at G&A Amusements and ACES International
American Patriot 
Black belt in Taekwondo
Studied at Loyola University Chicago
Went to Maine West High School
Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada
Seminars Security training, at Vegas Casinos
US Veteran

The Loyal Disorder I Screenplay by Joseph Cosintino

The Loyal DIsorder II
"To the writer. The book is a great read. It usual takes me time to write a review. But this I can say I devoured it. I loved it. Had great suspense. Made me want to keep reading to know what will happen next. I enjoyed it a lot. I recommend for people to buy and read. Can wait to see number 2"
Book Review
By: Jenny Shank
Amazon Review of Readers
100% Feedback
100% Feedback
100% Feedback
100% Feedback
100% Feedback
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"I read the book The Loyal Disorder. I liked it. A lot of good suspenseful moments were in the book. Made me want to read it all the way through. I give the writer a big thumbs up. Keep it going on chapter 2"

Book Review
By: ​John powers
This book caught my attention right away in the first chapter. I must say, i do like the cover and layout. I like the facts that are given during some of the chapters. I give it a 5 stars. ​
Book Review
By: ​Windsore Louis
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