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       Maria Cucinotta is a very, elegant and talented actress model; she began with a modeling career in Milan, working during summer holidays. After her schooling she began to turn to an acting career. Her first introduction came, to a known local Italian television production. After her first appearance, she began to be cast in a number of productions. She was the actress to the film in “Commandos” and had roles in a handful of other motion pictures and commercials before the success of “The Postman (Il Postino)”. Although her role in that film mostly required her to look alluring and project sensuality, she succeeded admirably. She went on to appear in larger roles in films released internationally, including Alex de la Iglesia’s comedy, “The Day of the Beast “ 1995, about the coming of the Antichrist. In some of her following ventures, she continued to make a delivering studied performance as the lead in the amiable but lackluster comedy “The Graduates/I Laureati” 1996 and as pregnant women in both “Italiani/Italians” also 1996 and “The Mayor/Il Sindaco” (1997). In “Bedrooms” 1997, Cucinotta was more relaxed as the nurse girlfriend of a night watchman in a role that allowed her to display not just her physical attributes but also an unforced comic presence. Attempting to break into American films, she co-starred opposite Vincent Spano in “A Brooklyn State of Mind” as an Italian journalist who has come to America to find her father’s murderer. Critics found her charming, but hampered somewhat by the English dialogue. She’s well known in Italy as a television actress, but she earned international attention with her roles in Il Postino and the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough.      


There are four movie productions, Maria is working at the moment, as an actress and producer.
“L’Imbroglio  nel lenzuolo”,directed by Alfonso Arau.
  The cinematographer reaches Southern Italy and casts fear among the common people to whom it seems have a devilish trick. They call it “u’mbrogghiu  nt’o linzolu. Marianna, is an illiterate costermonger (street fruit seller) finds out to be featuring in a movie called “La casta Susanna” – “Chaste Susanna” enchanting or enraging the audience with the spectacle of her naked bathing in a lake.
Hostias, directed by Diego Musiak.
    Bernardo is a movie producer whom, together with Samuel, a distributor, is about to fall into bankruptcy. In order to avoid their ruin, they prepare a plan: to call Juan, an international movie director, and compromise him to shoot a cheap and awful movie so they can pay their debts. The con begins with a poker game with “friends”. Bets are high. Juan, confidence in his good luck all through out the night, doubles up.  It is all or nothing!
And only as Actress - Flores Negras, directed by David Carreras.
   Michael leaves his job as a spy after failing on a mission, and takes with him Helena, the daughter of a Russian spy, who dies under suspicious circumstances. They leave their past behind and move to Barcelona, and open a small restaurant, but his former colleagues reappear with unfinished business and Michael is once again immersed in a dizzying nightmare.

“Sea Purple” (Viola di mare), directed by Donatella Maiorca.
    This takes place on an imaginary island off 19th-century Sicily, as 25-year-old Angela finds herself in love with Sara and she decides to ride out the scandal of her homosexuality by disguising herself as a man. When Angela refuses to go through with an arranged marriage, her father locks her down in a cave.
By Andrew Guzaldo
Interview with Maria Grazia Cucinotta Actress . Director

  She is currently working on a new film “Maternity Blues” (Il bene dal male), directed by Fabrizio Cattani, and she has the dual role, of producer and actress. It is a story of four different women, bound by a common guilt: the infanticide. Inside a judicial psychiatric hospital, they spend their time expiating a sentence, which is mainly an inner sense of, which has made their existence useless in their minds. And then being forced to live with each other, they formed an inner bond, and a strong relationship between them. Where each one can read, the guilt within the other, from confessions they shared, to the lives they lived, as they begin to understand each other, they begin to alleviate the suffering they have shared.
The script was created from a reflection, on maternal instinct, and as an accusation against a society, which always needs to create monsters, and to judge an anxiety that cannot be destroyed easily.
It is a difficult project with a difficult subject. Knowing the past history of the infanticides, helps one understand how maternal instinct, is not obligatory factor, and how maternity is something extremely complex. 
Maria recently came back from The United States, where She attended the NICE Festival, New Italian Cinema, presented by the San Francisco Film Society, the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, and New Italian Cinema Events of Florence.
  This is a Festival dedicated to celebrating the rich cinema graphic tradition of Italy and bringing the country’s newest directors and films to audiences in San Francisco.
The film, in competition, the film that she produced “Sea Purple” (Viola di mare), directed by Donatella Maiorca, and they were awarded the NICE City of Florence Award.This was a very prestigious award ro Maria. And will help her in her cause, to direct, more exposure to the Italian cinema graphic world
  Maria, would love to write a book, however she very rarely has time to start on it, it has always been one of her dreams, however this dream will take, time which she has very little available lately.  Her latest challenge is to show the Italian Cinema to the world, so that everyone can enjoy the Italian cinema arts. She is constantly, traveling and promoting the wonderful reality of the Italian Cinema.

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